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IT Networks & Security

The constant threat scope for business networks and IT environments is for ever evolving and becoming more of an impossible challenge for the average business owner to keep up with.

The landscape and battle grounds have evolved and changed in the IT cyber war. Standard Anti Virus solutions are no longer valid, Ransome Malware is on the rise, and even major national corporations are being hacked. Many independent reporting agencies have reported that it is only going to get a lot worse as the cyber criminals continue to progress and increase in numbers at a rapid rate. Their techniques and technologies are evolving at a substantially advanced rapid rate.

Aleph IT can implement a security strategy and solution for any sized business. From highly advanced complex services, covering servers, networks, web servers, mail servers and more, to simple SMB sized networks catering a server and multiple workstations. We offer what is the absolute core fundamental in any IT Security Strategy… Knowledge, Experience, and a Proven Track Record of success!

Our team of Fortinet and Cisco specialists will build your business a rock solid, stable and secure network. Our managed services include NGAV (Next Generation Anti Virus and Malware protection), Web filtering services, Malware Sandboxing techniques and more, our team of skilled experts will customise policies and settings for your servers and workstations to ensure the bad guys are rendered useless. We are the only company in Perth that will guarantee 100% protection from Crypto Locker and Ransome Malware variants. We don’t just offer your business IT Security we can guarantee it!

With our network security skills also comes of course the ability to deliver superior networks, including multi-site VPN (Virtual Private Network), Remote Office Access for staff, Business Grade Data Link solutions, WiFi Solutions, VoIP, from small to large sized organisations, Aleph IT had your network and security needs covered.

IT Networks & Security Expertise
  • Firewalls / Routers / Switches
  • UTM (Unified Threat Management)
  • WiFi
  • VoIP
  • Business Office Networks
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Remote Office Access Solutions
  • IT & Network Security Auditing
  • Anti Virus & Malware Protection
  • Email Protection & Anti SPAM Services
  • Web Application Firewalls